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We believe in empowerment. That's why Care-All strives to help fund the educational needs of people, giving them full education and training, as well as provide social guidance to people of low income, vulnerable by age, sex or disability, for a better integration within society. Every man, woman and child deserves to have access to the tools that will allow them to create a better life for themselves.

We believe that giving hope and helping people believe in themselves is a powerful tool for change. We strive for this too: to help people believe in possibilities for a better future so that they can have a better future. 

We believe in acts of kindness, in helping people make their dreams come true. And who knows, maybe those same people one day will return the act of kindness to someone else. We belive this too is a way to change the world. 

The best moment to start changing the world, one life at a time, is now. Let's begin. 

Every contribution, every act of kindness, is a step towards a better world.  

We have made it easy to get involved in the life of those who could use a helping hand. Through our actions, you will be directly contributing to the positive change in someone's life. Whether it is through helping someone gain a new trade that will allow for them to earn their own money, or helping to cover the medical costs of someone in need, your donations to these actions will make a difference.

Technology can feel distant. At Care-All, we aim to bring you closer to the human on the other end of your donation button through action pages, updates, photos and videos. In this way, you can see directly how your generosity and compassion are creating a new life.

Thank you for joining the global movement to care for all. We're all in this together.  



Help us help. The more contributions we receive, the more we can do. You can donate to any specific action or donate to the foundation and we wiill  allot your donation where it's most needed . Let's make a difference! 

We want to help as much as we can. For this reason we do all we can to keep our running costs low so that we make sure to give as much as possible to our beneficiaries. Our management group is small and we do our best to keep our costs as low as possible. Our operation is completely transparent and our reports are posted yearly. 

Your contributions will be distributed at the end of each trimester, updates from our beneficiaries will be posted regularly. 


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