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Who we are and what we do

Care-All Foundation, born in 2017, has as main mission to help give opportunities for better lives. The first 5 years of its existence thanks to generous donations, we helped an orphanage in Kenya support their expenses, a young Zambian environmentalist pay for his expenses while away at school, a young Kenyan to get his skydive license and start his own business and a Nepalese father put his kids through part of their school.

Born from a desire to help of a group of skydivers, we also operated within the sport through the Sky Family Fund, a fund dedicated to helping members of the B.A.S.E and skydiving community in case of accidents which distributed upwards of 20’000 euro in support.In 2021 we ran a scholarship program to become wind tunnel instructors for kids members of centers for youth support. The winner of the first edition is currently employed in a wind tunnel in Spain and a runner up is a licensed skydiver.

As of 2022, Care-All no longer operates through donations but via private funding. The current initiatives we are working on include a position for a job on a sustainable construction project, as well as a second edition of our scholarship to become Wind Tunnel instructors.

At Care-All we believe that the hope given through small kind gestures can go a long way in making people’s lives better and we are on a mission to do this.

For more information on our past and present initiatives or to participate in our current project “Random Act of Kindness competition”, please contact us at:


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