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Diani Children's Village

Euro 700,00 Raised

5200 euros covers all the children's monthly expenses

What is the Diani Children’s Village?

Diani Children’s Village is a  children’s home  situated in Diani Beach - Mombasa-Kenya.  Currently there are 21 children staying at the Diani Children’s Village, aged between 1 and 18 years old. Most of the children are orphaned, neglected or abandoned.  

They are taken care of by a team of housemothers , a social worker and two male workers ( driver and furniture workshop manager ) who function as housefathers too. Other house mothers who work on a temporary basis are called in if they suddenly have lots of babies or difficult cases  but the main team is always there which creates a stable environment for the children.

Previous Projects

The children moved into their new home in 2000. A few years ago a workshop and a library/computer-room were built. The workshop's main aim is to teach the children some basic skills to ensure their employment opportunities in the future, while the plan for the library is to make it a community project so that the children from around the community may have access to books and information.

Education and Social Intergration

The children attend a local school so as to have the opportunity to integrate with other children from different families and backgrounds, which will give them a normal life atmosphere as necessary. During their free time, we encourage the children to take part in sports and some training for basic skills at the furniture workshop, dress-making, gardening and to take part in our self-generating income projects.

The Home also functions as a rescue centre with temporary placements for emergency situations.

How Your Donation Can Help

With  6000 dollars a month we can cover many of the children’s expenses. Learning materials such as books, school uniforms and sporting equipment are also always neeeded.

"Naila is almost one and half years old and arrived at Diani´s Children Village (DCV), in Kenya, last year August, after been abandoned by her mother. Naila has had a difficult start because she has had problems with her legs and was fully able to stand for some time. Luckily through therapy she can now and she is now making her first steps with the help of her brothers, sisters and aunties! Nalia is a very happy little girl and gives everybody one of her biggest smiles. DCV´s social worker is doing the best to get more information about Naila's family."

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