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Euro 740,00 Raised

8900 Euro to put all kids through a year of school

Who is Rakesh?

Rakesh was born and raised in Kathmandu. He is a father of 5 children and a husband. Rakesh works on the streets of Kathmandu, shining shoes of tourists. For a 8-10 hour day of work, Rakesh earns about 1-2 euros per day. 

We met Rakesh a few years back when he offered to show us the real side of Kathmandu.

Through the day spent with Rakesh, we learned that his biggest goal in his lifetime was that his children would somehow be able to go to school and be educated.

Not having had the opportunity to go to school himself, Rakesh believes that through education, his children would have a better life than he has. 

How Your Donation Can Help

Education for a single child per year is roughly 120 euros. For just a few hundred euros, we could help put the children of Rakesh into school. 

For a few hundred more, we could help Rakesh support his children more comfortably during those school years. 

Support the action of putting Rakesh's children through school by donating to this page. 

"Two of Rakesh's children have gotten their school uniforms and are so happy to go to school thanks the support of our donors! We wish them a wonderful year of education."


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