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C.A.M.P Unity

“By coming together as a community, we can collectively eliminate the feeling of some that they do not belong and unite to ensure that everyone feels welcome at any and every dropzone. “ - CAMP Unity -   ...


Raphael Domjan

In this episode Pete Allum speaks to Raphael Domjan, solar power innovator and explorer,  about the Solarstratos project and his first jump from an electric aircraft.    FURTHER RESOURCES:  ...


Theophyle Mini: recycling

In this episode, Pete Allum talks to Theo Mini about options to recycle our organic waste                                         ...


Roei Ganzarski CEO MagniX

This week, in the course of an exclusive interview, Pete Allum chats  with Roei Ganzarski. Roei is CEO of MagniX, an electric aviation propulsion company. With a vision of connecting communities with low-cost, clean ...


Annika Granebeck

This week, Pete Allum chats with Annika Granebeck, former Board member of the Swedish Parachute Federation with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Master of Science in Geography...


Jordi Meseguer - Windoor

This  week  Pete Allum has a  chat with Jordi  Meseguer, chief  engineer  at  Windoor Empuriabrava and Barcelona, about  Windoor's environmental  policies, in particular their shift to ...


Jasper Van Der Meer

This week we have Jasper Van Der Meer founder of Tora-Tora, host of some of the most desirable skydiving events on the planet and also passionate about our role in sustainability. He talks to us about the difference between symbolic ...


Juli Sargatal talks about Empuria's effort to offset.

Pete Allum kicks off this series with a chat with Juli Sargatal about Skydive Empuriabrava's effort to carbon offset. Here is some research into the ethics of carbon offsetting:               ...


CO2 Emissions & Offset

Juli Sargatal - Skydive Empuriabrava


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