Sustainability and Skydiving

Our new blog Sustainability and Skydiving is up. 

Check it out here:

Diani Village raffle draw

The raffle in support of Diani Children's Village has come to its end. 

We are happy to announce that the winner of the painting "Sunflowers" by Jurg Weyermann goes to ticket 07. 

The raffle draw was filmed and can be seen here: raffle draw

*The winner will be contacted via emaiil to cooordinate shipment of the art work. 

Yearly report

Our financial report is online. Here you can access all information aboout how your money was spent and where we made a  difference. 

Thank you for your support 💙


Update SFF eligibility

An updated version of the Sky Family Fund eligibility criteria is online. 

Updated SFF payout info

We have updated the Sky Family Fund selection criteria and payout plan. 

You can find the updated version in the pdf attached as well as at:


An update from Symon

We met Symon in Diani Beach, Kenya a few years ago. He told us he wanted more, that he had dreams. His words resonated with us: we had been waiting for a chance to give back for a while and there it was! 

With the support of a wonderful group of people we helped Symon with a few projects and once Care-All was officially alive, through your generous contributions, we have helped him start his own business, a store he called Skydive General Shop. 

But let's let Symon tell us the story. See the video below. 

Oh and by the way, the day we heard those words from Symon was also the day the embryo of the Care-All Foundation was born ❤️


Happy birthday Chiutika!

Happy birthday Chiutika  🎉 From all at the Care- All Foundation! 

💗 Thank you for being an exceptional human being!

To get to know Chiutika a bit more, have a read of his bio and his entertaining blog posts: and you will understand why we chose to support him during his studies: Chiutika wants to become an Environmental Engineer to help take Care of our Planet 

Having just finished his Foundation year so he can learn Russian (which is his 7th language!!) Next year he starts Year 1 of his 4 year degree in Civil Engineering and then an additional year(s) thereafter to specialize in Environmental Engineering.

Chiutika is doing his bit by choosing not to go home to Zambia during the holidays but to stay in Russia and pack fruit and veg, so he can better learn the Russian language and earn himself some pocket money.

We remember what it is like to be a student!!

With your support, we are helping him to buy a laptop with a few specific programmes (AutoCAD) which he needs for his degree.

More news from Nepal

Education can guarantee a better future; Rakesh knows that, that's why he so desires to give his kids the possibility to study. We're helping him do just that. 

Here is another video he sent us of his kids showing off their brand new school uniforms 😊



A message from Mike

Mike is from South Africa. He is a father, a husband and a skydiver. He suffered an accident which left him with serious consequences. The Sky Family Fund is helping him support his expenses while he works on his recovery. 

Listen to Mike’s message below. 

To help Mike, please go to:


An update from Rakesh

Rakesh lives in Nepal and he has a dream: that his kids be able to get an education. Care-All is helping make his dream come true. Your donations are going towards the schooling of his kids. The first semester of 2018, our first semester of operation, we were able to send him funds to put two of his children in school for the year. 

Let's go with the kids on a tour of their school. See the video below



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