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Chiutika Fortune Mwale Manda

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Currently Chiutika needs 500 euros to buy a computer

Who is Chiutika?

Chiutika Fortune Mwale Manda is an eighteen year old Zambian. He grew up with his mother and four siblings and has always loved and excelled at his studies. 

After watching a National Geographic documentary at a young age, Chiutika discovered himself to be an environmentalist at heart and has been part of the Unite for Climate Zambia program sponsored by UNICEF since age eleven. His desire is to study Environmental Engineering; his plan is to start with Civil Engineering and major in Environmental Engineering for his Bachelor's Degree then get a Masters Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Education and Future Plans

However, access to one of Zambia's two main Universities is quite complex, requiring students to wait two years after High School just to enrol at the institutions.

Chiutika has sought means to attain tertiary education ever since he graduated school. Fortunately, he managed to receive a scholarship to study for a degree in Civil Engineering in Russia and feels privileged to have this opportunity. He will study at Tambov State Technical University, ranking 73 amongst more than 500 universities in Russia. 

He says: "I live in Tambov, Russia. Chances are you have never heard of it and I do not blame you. It is a small town 480 km Southwest of Moscow. I am studying civil engineering at Tambov State Technical University. My plan is to major in environmental engineering."

"Zambia, as a developing nation needs adequate infrastructure to facilitate its rise. Thus well-rounded engineers are key in this process. Even more important are engineers who have true love for the earth and will be able to devise means and set up structures promoting sustainability that have as minimal an eco-footprint as possible, the sort that I could become if my dream of training were to be realised." 

How Your Donation Can Help

Chiutika's main expenses are study materials and living costs.

Do you want to know how things are going for Chiutika? Check out the updates here: 

Chiutika's Blog

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