Who we are

We are a group of passionate people from all over the world looking for ways to give back. We set up the Care-All Foundation to help where help is needed. What bonds us together is the passion for creating meaning in life, through helping others. We want to help people make their dreams come true!

We believe the world can be changed one kind action at a time, one moment of hope at a time. We want to give back in ways that help people truly believe there is the possibility of a better life.

We come from different countries, different walks of life, we are different ages and different sexes but all share one common objective: to do good. 


What we do

We offer support, financial and non, as well as training and education aimed at creating opportunities for better lives. One life at a time.

We support various causes all over the world, our actions; some are indiviuals, some collectives. Some need financial support only, others need training, education, sometimes guidance. We tell their stories and through your generous contributions, offer them the one going or one time support they need. 


Where we do it

Care-All Foundation operates worldwide, with offices based in Spain. We are a registered foundation and abide by all spanish laws, rules and regulations.

Our actions are located all over the globe. Our donors come from all over the world. Our team is of varied nationalities. There are no geographical boundries to kindness, it is far reaching. Our approach is personalized, human. We interact personally with all those we help, they become friends, sources of inspiration to us. 

Sant Mori 11 AP 26
17487 Empuriabrava (Girona)

The Foundation is registered in the foundation state registry with registration number 1998
Foundation registered for the Tax Regime of Non-Profit Entities and Fiscal Incentives for Patronage regulated in Law 49/2002

Board of directors

Meet the team behind the Care-All Foundation.
Care-All Foundation was founded by a group of people who decided to make a difference. This is who we are: 

Will Penny

Will Penny, a South African born professional athlete and entrepreneur. He is a World Champion skydiver with a an education in design. He also co-owns a tech startup and is the cofounder of Care-All Foundation and loves to travel.

“These are some very exciting times we are living, I am happy to be part of the change, together everything is possible” - Will Penny

Allegra Nasi

Allegra was born in Italy but lived several years in other countries. She worked in many sectors finally settling into the entertainment business and later into several entrepreneaurial projects. She currently works in film production as well as being involved in a tech start-up and an online store. She is co-founder of the Care-All Foundation, a project she deeply cares about and believes in.

Sometimes, just being the best version of oneself positively impacts what's around us. She hopes that Care-All's support will not only make people's lives better but also maybe inspire them to strive to be better versions of themsleves. 

Judith Ortiz

Judith Ortiz is a young entrepreneur specialized in events organization e project management. She has over 13 years experience in administration as well as various other  sectors and departments. For the past several years, she has chosen to focus her efforts in events organization; she has wanted to collaborate with a Foundation for some time so as to give back through her specializations. 

"Humans have done and can do amazing things, a simple gesture from each one of us to help another, can change many things. When I got to know the Foundation, its philosophy , its projects I wanted to be a part of the team and be able to contribute with the knowledge I have”

Dawn Penny

Dawn Penny is an Eco-Entrepreneur who is as passionate about people as she is about the planet. She loves to inspire and support people and projects, who want to experience change in their world.

‘Being part of the Care All Foundation has given me a greater sense of purpose. I am with a team of people who really care about the welfare and upliftment of others. When I get the updates, and see the photos from all the people and organizations we are helping, I am filled with so much gratitude knowing we are making a difference together’

Dawn is based in South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

Alethia Austin

Alethia is an international sports marketing director with experience in film, tv, music and tech. She followed her passions and is now running the marketing for one of the largest skydiving operations in Europe.

Her background in non profit spans over 15 years in California as she lead paper bag delivery services to the homeless, created social programs for teens, caretaking for seniors with disabilities and an avid animal activist.

"If we're hoping for a better world, the only way to achieve this is to start today, together, doing what we can. The world won't fix itself."

Laurisa Nutting

Laurisa is a Brazilian Journalist, having worked also with strategic and communication planning and has wide experience on long distance education as well.

She has long being involved with different types of voluntary work.


Annual report & financial statement

Financial statements and reports are in process. 


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